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How to get Crdits?

Arrr, mateys! We've got some awesome news fer ya! We're happier than a pirate with a pot of gold at the loyalty and support everyone has given us while we made the transition to TOP II. So, we've prepared some wonderful treasure to give away each and every day! If you swashbuckle your way to Level 60 during the event duration and stay online for more than 1 hour each day, we'll be rewarding you with 50 valuable credits! So whatcha waitin' for you scurvy dogs!? Drop anchor at TOP II and start earning credits today!

Event Location
Epic World
Mystic Ocean

Event Flow
Step 1: Log into game (skip this step if you're already logged in).
Step 2: Stay logged in game for at least 1 hour.
Step 3: Log out at regular by clicking "Exit Game", otherwise could not record your online time.
Step 4: Go to the event page on the same day to sign-in and claim your 50 credits by clicking the Get Credits button.

Note: Only pirates Level 60 and above can claim credits for this event. Each account is entitled to claim credits only once per day. !!!