There are all together ten types of pets:

Fairy of Life

Fairy of Darkness

Fairy of Virtue

Fairy of Kudos

Fairy of Faith

Fairy of Valor

Fairy of Hope

Fairy of Woe

Fairy of Love

Fairy of Heart



The abilities of a pet fairy are divided into 4 different categories: Base attributes, Stamina, Growth and Skills.



Base attributes

Each pet fairy has 5 attributes, namely Strength, Accuracy, Agility, Spirit and Constitution.
These attributes can be cultivated by feeding the pet fairy with different energy food.


The Stamina bar of a pet is like the health bar of a character. The pet fairy can only
function normally if its Stamina bar is above 0.

Growth Rate

Used to judge how much your pet fairy has grown. You can feed it with different
energy food when its growth bar is at max.


A pet fairy can developed up to 3 skills to assist its master in battle.

Pet fairies can be obtained from certain quest in the game or bought through the Item Mall.

Stamina Consumption

Stamina points will be consumed as long as the pet fairy is equipped. When the stamina reaches 0, pet will be disabled. Usage of the pets skills will also take up some stamina points. To restore the stamina of the pet, you can feed it with the different rations available.

Fairy Growth

The growth bar of a pet fairy will increase with time, when its master is online. When the growth bar is maximum, you can feed it with different energy food to develop its attributes.

Energy Food

Energy Food


Snow Dragon Fruit

Increases the strength of pet fairy.

Icespire Plum

Increases the agility of pet fairy.

Zephyr Fish Floss

Increases the accuracy of pet fairy.

Argent Mango

Increases the constitution of pet fairy.

Shaitan Biscuit

Increases the spirit of pet fairy.

Leveling Up

Your pet will gain a level if you feed it with energy food successfully when its growth bar is at its maximum. There is a certain rate of failure when you feed your pet fairy with any energy food. Success rate becomes lower as your pet becomes higher in level. If successful, the whole growth bar will be depleted. However, if you fail, half of the growth bar will be depleted.


Your pet will be able to learn skills from different scrolls and skill books available in the game. A pet fairy can have up to a maximum of 3 skills. When a pet fairy uses a new scroll or skill book, there will be a chance that the new skill will overwrite one of the existing skills it possesses.


There are 3 different grades of skill to be learnt: Novice, Standard and Expert. A skill of higher grade will overwrite the same skill of a lower grade.




When the characters HP falls below 20, it will absorb all normal
damage done to the character.


Character will have a chance to do double damage in normal attack.


Increases magical damage of the Herbalist and Explorer class.


Increases HP recovery rate of character.


Increases SP recovery rate of character.

So far, the highest level for the fairy is Lvl 60.