Booty Bag Debuts!

Apr 15, 2012

Dear pirates,

Behold the latest item to hit the In-game Mall, the awesome Booty Bag! Now, simply buy BD Chest Pack(including Dragon Treasure Chest*6) and you'll get a Booty Bag, absolutely FREE! Open the Booty Bag to reveal any of the following treasures at random. Your booty from the Booty Bag will be announced in the System Chat. Let other TOP mateys get green-eyed with envy, harrrrr!

Level 85 Deity Treasure Chest
God's blessing bag
Trick Leveling Fruit
Lv 75 Ring Ticket
Rightful Chest of Black Dragon
Ultimate Black Dragon Chest
Dragon Treasure Chest
Ticket to Winter Island          
The Universe Purse
Arthur's Faith
Honorary Crown of Kings
Crown of Decedent
Carcass of death      
Great Auto ration
Refining Gem Voucher
Force of the Devil
Mini Black Dragon Bag
Louis XVI
Grand Prize
Locke's Treasure Map
Astral Isle Teleport Stone
Expert Thunder Incubate Liquid
Expert Light Incubate Liquid
Expert Darkness Incubate Liquid
Overlord Wing
Light Saber
Big Lollipop
Broken Bottle

God's blessing bag: Open to get a Level 85 Boss weapon of your class. If you are a Champion, you would randomly get a Ice-covered Fury SnowBlade or a Heavy Ice-covered Sword. If you are a Sharpshooter, you would randomly get a Ice-covered Evil Spear or a Ice-covered Enchanted Boww.

The ToP Team