Top TOP II Gear Event Launched

Oct 13, 2010

Dear fellow pirates,

Good news! Today, we're bringing the always popular, amazingly generous Top TOP Gear Event for ToP II pirates. We' ve got many amazing phat prizes to be won, including Corporeal Kylin armor, Libra card, Overlord Wing, Halite and more! Don't miss out!

Event Period

October 13th to October 17th EDT (GMT-4)

Event Details

Every time, players who purchase the required amount of ToP II points during this event will have the opportunity of winning the awesome gears!
Please note that there are two ways of purchasing ToP II points. You could exchange them from IGG points, or purchase ToP II points directly. For every 2000 points purchased or exchanged at one go, you'll get 1 try. So 4000 points will give you 2 tries, and so on.

The more ToP II points you purchase, the more goodies you will get!

The possible rewards: 

Grand Prize
Carcass of Death
Lv85 Ring Ticket
Lv8 UG Forging Card
Lv7 AG Forging Card
Dragon Treasure Chest
Rightful Chest of Black Dragon
Corporeal Black Dragon Aromr
Corporeal Black Dragon Claw
Corporeal Black Dragon Wing
Corporeal Kylin Armor
Corporeal Kylin Glove
Corporeal Kylin Boot
Lv85 Boss Weapon
Gem Transfer Card
character transfer card
Lv50 Angela Junior Card
Chest of Hardin
Chest of Darkness
Chest of Abaddon
Chest of Asura
Chest of Abyss
Chest of Styx
soul of kylin
Enhanced Death Armor
Twilight Necklace Card
Night Necklace Card
Dawn Necklace Card
The Box of Inspiration
The Box of Empathy
The Box of Justice
The Box of Sacrifice
The Box of Hornor
The Box of Prowess
Libra card
Overlord Wing

Come on matey' s! Seize this opportunity and win yourselves some fantastic gear!

Click here to try your pirate luck on the Top TOPII Gear.

Note: The above items will be barred from the Epic World Region.

Libra Card

Overlord Wing


The ToP Team