Latest Goodies in TOP: Devil Set Voucher

Feb 1, 2011

Dear pirates,

    There ain't such a thing as "No Free Lunch" in the world, or at least in the world of Tales of Pirates. Why, with the Devil Set Voucher, you could have equipment with awesome stat boosts simply by talking to the NPC. There is absolutely no need to complete any quest at all!

Devil Set Voucher is tradeable.

You can exchange for the Devil Set equipment with the Devil Set Voucher from Sabbath in Dream City (380, 608).

Speak to Sabbath to exchange for the equipment of your choice, as show below. There are Handguards, Belts and Bracelets for all the classes.

You can choose one from the following equipment with one Devil Set Voucher:

Devil's Kiss (bracelet): All players can equip 2 of these. Untradeable.


Devil's Mark (handguards): Untradeable.

Devil's Shadow (belt): Untradeable

When equipped fully with the Devil Set (2 bracelets, 1 handguards and 1 belt), you can use the Force of the Devil, which provide the following boosts.

1. HP +1000 within 15 minutes.
2. SP +1000 within 15 minutes.
3. ATK +250 within 15 minutes.
4. Speed +50%, Defense -50.

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The TOP Team